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Who is the National Institute for Health
Education & Training?

The NIH provides education, training and consulting services to health care providers, provider pharmacy companies and pharmaceutical manufacturers nationwide. Working closely with governmental agencies and national consultants, our team stays up-to-date on the latest regulations impacting survey, compliance, clinical procedures and management decisions impacting this complex industry. Our team of experts work on two levels by providing business support and consultation to our clients as well as providing critical information to their customers which assists them by achieving greater compliance, improved outcomes and quality of care for their patients and residents.
Working with Provider Pharmacies . . . . . . . . . . .

Our Institute works closely with each Pharmacy to develop value added services for their customers that are personalized and that assist them in achieving success at their facilities. In addition, these services are developed by incorporating each individual Pharmacy’s goals and objectives for cultivating new customers as well as the retention of existing ones into the marketing plan. By choosing the right mix of services for their customers, Pharmacies not only provide services that create loyalty, and that improve the quality of care in customer’s facilities, they also offer services that meet the unique time constraints of the busy health care providers.

Benefits to our Provider Pharmacy Companies . . . . .

  • Strengthen the business partnership between the provider pharmacy company and their customers.

  • Differentiates them from their competitors.

  • Creates loyalty with customers when contracts are renewed.

  • Provides an immediate opportunity to help your customer solve problems related to resident care and compliance.

  • Creates the opportunity to offer a full array of education and training services without the need for additional space, employees, benefits or overhead of staff.

  • Provides incentive for potential customers to become a part of your pharmacy.

  • Allows the pharmacy to focus on day-to-day activities of providing their services while still having the option of offering a full-service education and training department.

  • Promotes a greater understanding of the critical issues impacting their customers that are unrelated to the use of medication or pharmacy related services.

  • Allows those companies with Nurse Educators or education departments to expand the scope of their offerings to meet an increased demand from customers at a low cost.


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